YSRCP: YCP sensational decision .. Tomorrow, Ellundi Janahraga initiations .. | YSRCP Janaagraha Dikshalu Will Be Held On October 21 And 22 Over Pattabhi Remarks On AP CM YS Jagan

YSRCP: YCP sensational decision .. Tomorrow, Ellundi Janahraga initiations ..


YSRCP: State politics plummeted after TDP leader Pattabhi’s remarks on AP CM YS Jagan. Clashes erupted between the ruling YCP and the opposition TDP. Tensions continue with the YCP protests as the TDP calls for a state bandh in the wake of this. Meanwhile, YCP state general secretary Sajjala Ramakrishnareddy has made it clear that a Janagraha will be held at the constituency level for two days to protest the remarks of the TDP whores. Chandrababu said he would stage protests demanding an apology for the obscene remarks. The YCP will stage protests against the 36-hour initiation given by Chandrababu.

Meanwhile, rival riots and dharnas turned the state into a riot. The war of words between the leaders reached a climax and high voltage politics began. Opposition parties CPI, Janasena and BJP have strongly condemned the attack on the Telugu Desam party office. The YCP, on the other hand, alleges that the parties are supporting the TDP for political gain. The scandal, which began with Pattabhi’s remarks as a whole, continues. The issue has now reached the police with reciprocal cases.

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