YS Sharmila: The goal is the king’s kingdom in Telangana. Ys sharmila padayatra on praja prasthanam on october 20th from chevella

YS Sharmila: The goal is the king's kingdom in Telangana.

Ys Sharmila

YS Sharmila Praja Prasthanam Padayatra: YSSAR TP chief YS Sharmila has announced that the goal is to bring Rajna kingdom in Telangana. It was revealed on Tuesday that the Prajaprasthana Padayatra will start in Chevelle from Wednesday. His father, a former CM, will start the trek from Chevelle, which YSSAR considers sentimental. YS Sharmila spoke to the media on Tuesday on the occasion. Sharmila said the padayatra would be held across the state of Telangana. She made it clear that the king would work as a demon to bring the kingdom to Telangana. Yves said the welfare regime means implementing electricity, water supply and debt waivers for farmers. Sharmila said her party’s goal was for women to stand on their own two feet and become millionaires. He said that his party’s goal is to give jobs to the youth and to create jobs in the private sector. All of these are Yves welfare schemes, she said. He said that such a rule does not exist in Telangana now .. YS will fight for the rule. Sharmila said that as part of this public outreach walk, they will go to the people and find out their problems and depose the government. YS Sharmila asked the people to support the walk.

While .. This prajaprasthanam padayatra will stretch 10 to 15 kilometers daily. Already party leaders have finalized the route map. The trip was planned to continue mostly from the villages. The yatra will be held in the joint Nalgonda district after the joint Rangareddy district. The party representatives planned to mobilize about one lakh people from all the districts to participate in the first day’s celebrations.

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