Whatsapp: Are you using WhatsApp? However, if you do this, your account will be blocked ..! | Whatsapp Account: Your WhatsApp account Blocked or deleted? What not to do

Whatsapp: Are you using WhatsApp?  However, if you do this, your account will be blocked ..!

Whatsapp: Most people nowadays have a smartphone. There is no such thing as a smartphone without WhatsApp. There is no such thing as a WhatsApp diet without WhatsApp. From small children to adults, every single morning from going to bed at night, chatting, status, etc. float on WhatsApp. WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world.

Some people are texting to see if WhatsApp is there anymore. Obscene messages in groups, disturbing messages to others. WhatsApp has put special surveillance on such people. Spying on annoying messages to others. It is also blocking the accounts of those who posted such posts. However, it is known that on October 4, WhatsApp services around the world were suspended for seven hours. But there are many benefits to using WhatsApp properly. If you want to send annoying messages to WhatsApp .. that’s all. Your account will be permanently blocked. WhatsApp is cracking down on such accounts. WhatsApp is deleting the respective users’ WhatsApp accounts if they behave against the rules. WhatsApp is blocking your account if you knowingly or unknowingly do something against WhatsApp.

Do not use these apps either.

There are other cloning apps available instead of WhatsApp. GB WhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus, WhatsApp will delete the accounts of those who use WhatsApp mode apps. With these third party apps, users’ security and privacy may be compromised. WhatsApp is also cracking down on third party apps.

If you send spam messages, your account will be blocked.

WhatsApp is blocking the person’s account immediately if spam messages are sent to unknown numbers. It’s the same thing if you send messages to those users without permission. It is advisable for users to be cautious in such matters. With so many complaints coming in every month against such users, WhatsApp is keeping a close watch and blocking such accounts.

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