Warning to government employees ..! Calculate how much dowry was taken there .. or actions .. | Up government employees officers who got married after the year 2004 will have to give details of dowry to the government notice sent to 10 thousand

Warning to government employees ..!  Calculate how much dowry was taken there .. or actions ..


Employees: The UP government is taking large-scale measures to end the dowry system. According to the new order, officers and employees who get married after the year 2004 are required to provide details of dowry received at the time of marriage to the government. Notice was issued to employees and officers by the Department of Women and Child Welfare. The Director of Women and Child Welfare sent a letter to all the districts.

Among them were employees who got married after 2004 and asked for dowry details from the authorities. It is reported that there are about 10 thousand employees and officers in various branches. All of them are asked to reply by sending notices through the department heads. The year of marriage, then the situation, the details of the dowry taken must be provided. It did not say why.

New rule for government employees
The Uttar Pradesh government is implementing a new rule for employees. According to the rules .. Employees are required to submit a declaration form. The manifesto should state whether the employees took dowry during their wedding. This declaration is mandatory for government employees who are married after 31 April 2004. He warned that departmental action would be taken against any government employee who did not submit the declaration form.

All government departments are expected to complete the manifesto by October. The order issued by the state government to curb the dowry system has caused a stir in various government departments. The UP government enacted the Dowry Prohibition Act in 1999 to curb the socially abusive dowry system. Edited March 31, 2004. According to its rules, every government employee is required to provide a declaration that no dowry has been taken at the time of marriage.

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