Vasireddy Padma: Criticism of women biased CM YS Jagan is not tolerated: Women’s Commission Chairperson | Andhra Pradesh Women’s Commission Chairperson Vasireddy Padma Warning to TDP leaders Criticism of CM YS Jagan

Vasireddy Padma: Criticism of pro-women CM YS Jagan is not tolerated: Women's Commission Chairperson

Vasireddy Padma

Vasireddy Padma: Vasireddy Padma, chairperson of the Women’s Commission, has commented that politics in Andhra Pradesh has deteriorated to the point of abusing women. She also complained that a woman home minister was being eaten. Vijayawada Vasireddy Padma spoke to the media today. Speaking on the occasion, Vasireddy Padma said that Chief Minister YS Jagan was giving high priority to the economic and political advancement of women in AP.

Padma lauded Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy for giving women a proper place in government posts, party posts and nominated posts. She warned that there was no point in criticizing Yves Jagan, who is biased towards women. He said that no government had given as much priority to women as Vijay Jagan had given in the past. Padma said that after YS Jaganmohan Reddy became the Chief Minister, a lot was changing in women and the Opposition should change.

He said all parties should invite 50 per cent reservation for women and it would be outrageous to criticize them for not doing so. The woman also said it was unfortunate to speak insultingly of the home minister. Vasireddy Padma said that this was the third attack on Dalits.

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