Uttar Pradesh: Priyanka aggressive for Congress revival in Uttar Pradesh .. ready to contest from Varanasi! | Priyanka Gandhi Vadra started election campaign for Congress and established her office at Lucknow

Uttar Pradesh: Priyanka aggressive for Congress revival in Uttar Pradesh .. ready to contest from Varanasi!

Priyanka Gandhi In Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh: Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, the party’s general secretary in charge, has stepped up efforts to revive the Congress party in Uttar Pradesh. Priyanka, who started campaigning in Varanasi on October 10, is now fully focused on the Uttar Pradesh elections. He has been holding meetings with the leaders there in a row. Priyanka recently held a party working committee meeting. At this meeting it was announced that he was moving his headquarters to Lucknow. It was during these meetings that she presented a blueprint for her electoral strategy. On this occasion, he said that he will no longer be in UP till the elections are over. He will conduct campaigns covering five districts every year.

According to sources close to Priyanka Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi herself is all set to contest the elections. One of her close aides said she was likely to compete from the east-west parts of the state. While one of these seats is from Varanasi, the western Uttar Pradesh seat has not been selected yet. Sheila Kaul’s bungalow in Lucknow was turned into a Priyanka Congress war room. This is where the strategy for the election is being worked out.

Priyanka’s staff is shifting from Delhi to Lucknow. Congress sources say that on November 14, Kaul Niwas is expected to be declared the headquarters of the Congress elections. The manner in which Priyanka Gandhi took office after the recent violence in Lakhimpur has raised party hopes for new power among activists. Sources said that to attract women voters, Congress may announce that it will give 33% of tickets to women.

Eye on Muslim votes ..

Assembly elections will be held in UP next year. This election is crucial for the Congress for a variety of reasons. So what should be done to win the UP elections from now on .. How to impress the voters? The selection of candidates has begun drills on all such matters. The Congress has come up with different plans to impress the people of different castes and religions. According to Congress sources, the Congress is focusing on infiltrating the minds of Muslim voters by helping children studying in madrassas. For this, a list of 2 lakh madrassas in the state has also been prepared.

Here are the Congress vote share calculations.

Yadav had 47% of the vote in the 2017 Assembly elections and 20% in the Parliamentary elections with SP. Now Congress hopes to get 28 to 30 per cent of the vote. The pieces are moving accordingly. The Congress reckons it will be easier to form a government if it gets 30 per cent of the vote. In addition, 20 per cent of Muslim voters want to unite and join the Congress party. Brahmins, non-Yadav OBCs and Dalits will be with the BJP. That is why the Congress is currently focusing on Muslim OBC.

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