Union Minister Kishan Reddy: Union ministers Kishan Reddy | Union Minister Kishan Reddy criticized the TRS party for paving the way for victory in Huzurabad by election

Union Minister Kishan Reddy: Union Minister Kishan Reddy: Union Minister Kishan Reddy

Kishan Reddy

Kishan Reddy – Huzurabad: Union Minister Kishan Reddy has criticized the TRS party for faltering to win the by-elections in Huzurabad. He alleged that money was being heavily lured in the Huzurabad by-election. Dheema expressed that despite all the temptations, the BJP will win. Kishan Reddy said the TRS leaders were completely abusing their power to defeat BJP candidate Ethela Rajender in the Huzurabad by-election.

Kishan Reddy also lashed out at the TRS government for not recognizing even those who made sacrifices for Telangana. “I have never seen such abuse of power in my political life. Hundreds of crores are being spent to defeat the spears. The main opposition to the BJP is the Congress party. A flawed deal with the Congress is not even a dream.” Said Kishan Reddy.

Union Minister Eddewa said such flawed deals and narrow politics belonged only to the TRS party. Kishan Reddy criticized the TRS for its history of recruiting Congress leaders en masse into the party. However, MLA Balka Suman alleged that BJP leaders were making inappropriate comments on KCR. The BJP has been criticized for shouting that a thief is a thief. Kishan Reddy clarified that there was no attack on the convoy yesterday.

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