Tomato Harvest Robot: Insane Japanese technology .. Robots to cut tomatoes .. If you look, your eyes should be distracted .. | Japanese tomato harvest robot in action in Tomato World Product of Inoho Europe

Tomato Harvest Robot: Insane Japanese technology .. Robots to cut tomatoes .. If you look, your eyes should be distracted ..


Tomato Harvest Robot: Every day a new revolution is coming in agricultural cultivation. Technology is evolving a little .. The use of technology in agriculture is increasing. With less investment .. more production, profit is coming to the screen for the latest innovations. Cultivation is still based on humane agriculture in some countries around the world. Humans are crucial in this process. From the time the seed is sown .. until the harvest comes, it has to depend on the people. However, Japan, the carafe of the technological revolution, has recently brought another wonderful innovation in agriculture. Made robots for tomato cultivation. Tomatoes were chopped with the help of those robots. The robot was designed by the Inaho company in Europe. It is a subsidiary of the Japanese company Inaho.

Recently a robot-assisted tomato crop was harvested in the Dutch. Inaho Company also invited visitors to view the “Tomato Harvesting Robot”. Takahito Shimizu, Managing Director, Inaho Europe, said: “We are trying to gather feedback from agricultural growers on the performance of robots, their use, and any changes in their performance,” he said.

Snack tomatoes are grown in the greenhouse at the Information and Education Center in the Westland, the Netherlands. However, an automatic device robot is used for cutting these tomatoes. These robots work with the help of Artificial Intelligence Algorithm technology that detects and cuts ripe tomatoes based on color and size. Inaho Company has already conducted field trials of these robots in Japan. Succeeded there. The company claims to have reduced the workload on humans by 16 percent. However, Inaho said that the cultivation of Dutch farmers was different and that they followed a variety of methods, from harvesting to harvesting. In this context .. Inaho Managing Director said that the idea is to bring innovative changes in Dutch farming, to bring about changes in Dutch farming practices and to create awareness on the use of advanced technology in cultivation. It was during this sequence that the robot field trials were conducted at Tomato Harvesting. The company also said it was seeking the participation of aspiring farm growers who could conduct field trials.

This is not the first time a robot has been used in Inaho Agriculture, Japan. In 2019, the Asparagus Harvesting Robot, designed with AI technology, was launched. The use of these robots will not only reduce labor for farmers, but also reduce costs and make a profit, Inaho said.

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