Tesla Market Cap: Record-breaking electric car company Tesla .. Fastest multi-billion dollar market capitalization .. | Tesla Electric Vehicle Company created record with 1 Trillion Dollars Market Capitalization

Tesla Market Cap: The record-breaking electric car company Tesla .. The fastest-growing billion-dollar market capitalization ..

Tesla Car

Tesla Market Cap: Tesla’s market capitalization reached $ 1 trillion for the first time on October 25. This led to the inclusion of the American EV (electric vehicle) manufacturer in the Elite Club, which includes companies such as Microsoft and Alphabet (Google’s parent). Apple, Amazon, and Facebook (Apple, Amazon, Facebook) have a market value of more than a trillion US dollars. Tesla is the second company to rapidly surpass the trillion-dollar market capitalization mark after Facebook. The electric vehicle manufacturer became a public company in June 2010. It took 11 years to cross this milestone.

Shares of Tesla rose nearly 13 percent to close at a record high of $ 1,024.86, leaving the company with a market capitalization of over $ 1 trillion. This is also the first time that Tesla’s share price has reached $ 1,000 per share. The major push for Tesla shares came with the news that car rental giant Hertz will buy 100,000 EVs from Tesla. This led to a sharp rise in share prices.

Tesla cars ..

Tesla sells EVs like Model 3, Model Y, Model S, Model X. The automaker has announced that it will be bringing the CyberTruck in November 2019. However, its production will start at the end of 2022.

Tesla in India: Model 3 coming soon in India ..

Tesla will soon launch the world’s best-selling electric car model 3 in India. In the US market, the Model 3 is available in Standard Plus (RWD), Long Range (AWD, Performance (AWD) variants. The range made is 507 km and the maximum speed is 261 km per hour.

EV manufacturers want the Indian government to reduce import taxes on EVs. Tesla executives recently met with Indian government officials to discuss high import taxes on EVs and request that they be reduced. The Government of India has imposed a 60 per cent import tax on EVs priced up to $ 40,000 and 100 per cent on EVs priced above $ 40,000.

Tesla Model 3 prices by variant are as follows (purchase prices, US)

  • Standard Plus – $ 43,990
  • Long Range – $ 49,990
  • Performance – $ 57,990

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