Telugu Mahila: For the YCP leaders who don’t seem to be touching the glasses .. Does the sword in the same hand appear? Telugu Mahila President Velagapudi Anita counter attack on ap cm YS Jagan and YSRCP leaders

Telugu Mahila: For the YCP leaders who do not seem to be wearing glasses .. Do the swords in the same hands appear ?: Anita


Telugu Mahila President Anita: Telugu women president Vangalapudi Anita reacted strongly to the criticism made by Telugu Desam party leader Chandrababu, YCP leaders and ministers against the party leaders and harsh language. Gautam Sawang is not a DGP. DJP Ate Direct Jagan Paleru. As CM Jagan said, it was not BP that came to the party workers .. JP. Jaypee means pics pressure. Attacks with pics pressure. ” Anita gave a new interpretation.

“YCP leaders did not touch the glasses .. Do not see the sword in the hands of those who wear glasses ..? We will soon show you the power of the hands of glass. The days of smashing backs with glass hands are near. Sanna biyyam sannasi o mantri mata mundo amma .. mata venuko amma antaru. He should know which mother the minister is talking about .. which mother was born. Occasionally a weaver appears on the political screen from the silver screen. Zabardast callsheets run up and down on the political screen when they are empty. Jagan legs .. hair she is saying something. Jagan’s legs are still visible to the public as she is. People are waiting to see when Jagan’s legs will be pulled. ” Anita commented.

“Jagan Reddy is promoting cannabis cultivation. Incentives will also be given in the future. The CM is destroying the future of the youth. The questioned opposition is being attacked. One has to introspect once and for all how the language of YCP leaders is. The Home Minister does not deserve to talk about Chandrababu. She became a puppet, a rubber stamp. It does not matter if women are being raped or abused. All the whore ministers have been barking since morning. If questioned .. they are threatening to attack. Isn’t the Leader of the Opposition a constitutional office? ” Anita asked.

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