Telugu Desam Party: Chandrababu giving a glimpse of his own party leaders .. so much matter ..! | Telugu Desam Party Chief Gives Big Shock To Party Cader Over Incharge Posts

Telugu Desam Party: Chandrababu giving a glimpse of his own party leaders .. so much matter ..!


Telugu Desam Party: TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu is giving a jolt to leaders hoping for a constituency in-charge post. Chandrababu, who has been focusing on party organizational structure and strengthening for some time now, is appointing constituency in-charges. Tickets are almost always in-charge. With this, the leaders are asking for the post in charge. However, the talk is that Chandrababu is not considering those requests at all.

Over the last few days, TDP chief Chandrababu has been focusing on strengthening the party’s organizational structure, including appointing state and politburo committees, parliamentary committees and constituency in-charges. .

The post of in-charge of Kovvur constituency in West Godavari district has not been allotted to anyone. No leader has been in the party since its defeat in the last election. Jawaharlal Nehru, who contested in the 2014 elections and served as a minister, was not given a ticket in the 2019 elections. The opposition insisted on giving the ticket to anyone other than Jawahar. With that, Anita was given tickets to Jawahar in Kovvur and Thiruvoor in Krishna district. Both were defeated. Anita was then re-assigned to Payakaravupeta in-charge. Chandrababu appointed Jawahar as the Speaker of the Rajahmundry Parliament. Jawaharlal Nehru, who has been hoping to be given the post of Kovvur in-charge ever since, has been given the upper hand recently.

Chandrababu appointed two men committee without appointing in-charge due to dissent and class struggle in the constituency. Kanthamaneni Ramakrishna and Jonnalagadda Subbaraya Chaudhary were appointed as the Two Men Committee. Coordinate party programs, activists and leaders. With this, Jawaharlal Nehru, who had been hoping for the post of in-charge for a long time, was left disappointed. Jawahar, who contested in the last elections in his own constituency Krishna district Thiruvoor, was not given the post of in-charge in Thiruvoor either. Instead of giving the post of in-charge here to former MLA Swamidas .. Chandrababu assigned the post of Thiruvoor in-charge to Dev Dutt.

Unlike in the past, it seems that Chandrababu is adamant in the allocation of posts and no recommendations or requests are being considered. The Telugu Desam party leaders are discussing that the posts are being allotted on the basis of all equations and work style.

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