Telegram App: Telegram App bursting with one hundred crore downloads .. Massive users in fifteen days .. | Telegram App crossed 1 billion downloads Last 15 days 70 million users connected to the app

Telegram App: Telegram App bursting with hundreds of millions of downloads .. Massive users in fifteen days ..

Telegram App

Telegram App: The Telegram app has been downloaded more than 1 billion times, or over 100 billion times, from the Google Play Store. According to Telegram CEO Pavel Durov, the messaging app had over 500 million monthly active users by the beginning of 2021. Many customers have joined Telegram in the last 15 days. Durov said more than 70 million (70 million) customers were connected to Telegram during this time.

The shutdown of Facebook is also one of the reasons for the rapid download of Telegram. In fact, on October 5, 7 crore users joined the Telegram app. Later that evening, WhatsApp and Instagram, including Facebook, went down. It is known that these social media apps have been down for over 6 hours. Telegram has benefited greatly from the condition of these platforms.

According to the Censor Tower report, Telegram is the second largest consumer social media app in India. India is fast growing as the largest internet market for telegrams. 22% of them are lifetime installations. After India, Russia and Indonesia are the two major markets for this app. From them came 10 per cent and 8 per cent of the total installments, respectively.

The main reason for the rapid increase in telegram downloads is the user friendly options available for this app. Let us know what are the features of Telegram app.

All chats can be paid for:

Telegram‌ has a payment boat since 2017. This allows customers to make payments in a secure manner. Now merchants here can accept credit card payments in any chat. Payment can now be made from any app. It also has a desktop app. The Company does not charge any commission or save payment details with you.

Voice chat is scheduled:

You can schedule a voice chat on the telegram. Group admins and channels can schedule voice chats by entering a date as well as a time. It gives community members time to identify and call their friends.

Change profile photo while chatting:

Telegram has the opportunity to expand your profile picture and bio while chatting with better ideas. You do not need to exit the voice chat window for this. This feature for voice chat is called Mini Profile.

Animated stickers, dark mode:

Telegram has added two full-featured Telegram web apps. Both support many features such as animated stickers, dark mode, chat folders. You have instant access to your chats on any device – desktop or mobile.

Movies from Telegram – Free Download of Web Series:

One of the reasons for the popularity of this app is that you can download movies-web series for free from here. You can easily download them from its app or web. However, the Telegram does not officially support this. These downloads are completely unauthorized. However, large files can be easily downloaded by telegram. The rest of the social media apps do not have such an option. In fact, many users have created channels in this app that upload movies or share their links. In such a situation, these channels can be reached by searching for a movie or web series. The special thing is that from here you can download them without any add-ons.

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