Telangana MLA: When a grandmother’s ghost came .. see Ramma about it .. MLA in Palletur hull hull .. | Mahabubabad MLA Shankar Naik Visits Pati Meedi Gudem Village Over Public Suffers Fear of Devil

Telangana MLA: When a grandmother's ghost came .. let's see Ramma about it .. MLA Hal Chal in Palletur ..

Telangana MLA: Ghost? Is that so? How is the show? Oh Grandma, come to Badi Kadiki, let’s see when the devil comes! At your hometown Bodrai, sleep alone, do not seduce the ghost, see its thing! Said an MLA. Not only that .. the MLA does justice to the role of the demon doctor and incarnates the incarnate Shankara if asked. Who else is an MLA… Enta story .. let’s find out now ..

MLA Shankar Nayak visited Patimidigudem, a village in Gajulagattu suburb of Gudur zone in Mahabubabad district. TV9 reported that people in Patimidigudem had locked their houses and left them alone. Seeing this, MLA Shankar Nayak responded immediately. Went to every house in Patimidigudem. Goodem reunited the whole. The villagers were asked to turn around and show where the ghost was. “The ghost is nowhere to be found. The gourd you drink is a big ghost. If you leave this gourd ghost, all the ghosts will be gone,” Mlae explained to the people.

If you are so scared about the ghost, you all evacuate the village .. I am the only one sleeping at Bodrai. Not only that .. Fifty double bedroom houses were immediately sanctioned in Patimidigudem. Shankar Nayak promised to sanction a new school, two teachers, development of internal roads and a link road to the village.

However, MLA Shankar Nayak put a small condition to do all this. It’s also a condition of the people. MLA Shankar Nayak made it clear that development would take place only if Bodrai swears not to go to Gudumba Joli. The MLA then swore an oath on Bodrai that he would not drink or make gundumba with the villagers. A development committee was set up with twelve members. Swore with them too. MLA Shankar Nayak incarnates as an exorcist to ward off the demon Gudumba in Patimidigudem. The MLA also vowed to fulfill his promises one hundred percent. On the 25th of this month, it was decided to start work on the double bedroom houses and various development projects. Podu promised to document the right to the lands in the same manner.

Stay in the Maru Moola village for about four hours. Go to every house and tell them how many leaders there are who swear on Bodrai that they will dare to know the benefits of yoga, guarantee development and keep the promises given. Elsewhere, people are debating whether MLA Shankar Nayak’s style is different.

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