Telangana: Minister Jagadish Reddy fires at TPCC chief Rewanth. Telangana Minister Jagadish Reddy Serious Comments on TPCC Chief Revanth Reddy

Telangana: Minister Jagadish Reddy fires at TPCC chief Rewanth.

Jagadish Reddy

Telangana: Minister Jagadish Reddy was fired over remarks made by Telangana Pradesh Congress chief Revant Reddy that the government had failed to manage power companies. He gave the allegations a strong counter. Speaking to the media on Tuesday on the same topic, Rewanth Reddy flagged the words of retailers and retail politics. I do not have the guts to speak in the assembly but .. outside, the fires rebuked as if they were telling lies. Hitau said a leader who runs a political party should speak responsibly with wisdom. Opposition leaders have been vocal in their opposition to the TRS plenum, saying some retailers are talking nonsense. TRS said the Congress leaders would go insane one by one after the victory rally. Critics say the party leaders are openly saying how Rewanth Reddy got the TPCC post. Eddewa said Congress leaders did not recognize Rewanth as a leader. Hitawu said that if adults criticize adults, they will not become adults and if they imitate them, they will become adults.

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