TDP – YCP: Flames of protest in AP .. Concerns over YCP-TDP leaders’ pota competition across the state .. | Andhra Pradesh heats up with TDP, YCP activists’ protests

TDP - YCP: Flames of protest in AP .. Concerns over YCP-TDP leaders' pota competition across the state ..

Ycp Vs Tdp

One word ignited the fire. Between the two parties. The siege and clashes have left the state reeling. Talks between TDP and YCP leaders in Andhra Pradesh have escalated into protests today. The two parties called for rival protests. The bandh is being held across the state as per the call given by the TDP. Leaders are trying to stop RTC buses near the depot. The YCP has decided to stage a statewide protest today against Telugu Desam party leaders for personally insulting Chief Minister Jagan. He called on the party ranks to hold dharnas and rallies across the state. The ruling party YCP is also countering the TDP’s bandh in all districts. Called for statewide concern.

Government adviser and party general secretary Sajjala Ramakrishnareddy demanded that Chandrababu immediately apologize for Pattabhi’s remarks. He called on the YCP to stage protests across the state today to protest the obscene remarks of TDP leaders. Sajjala Ramakrishnareddy said that TDP leaders would launch attacks on their party ranks if they protested peacefully.

The siege and clashes between the APs were over. If the Opposition alleges that the YCP is behind the destruction, the ruling party is criticizing the TDP for provoking it.

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