TDP vs YSRCP: Decrease..a calculation so far. Now another calculation .. AP bustle to reach Delhi | AP political heat refuse to calm down tdp vs ysrcp scene will shift to delhi

TDP vs YSRCP: Decrease..a calculation so far.  Another calculation .. AP bustle to reach Delhi

Chandrababu vs CM YS Jagan

TDP-YCP rival initiations-protests. A calculation so far.! No more another calculation.! Reached War Nexts level. Sean is about to move to Delhi. The two parties were ready to take to the streets of Hastinapur. TDP leaders also stormed the Raj Bhavan gates. The court remanded Pattabhi till November 2.

The current political situation in the AP is declining. AP Rachcha will now reach Delhi. The TDP-YCP, which has been battling rival initiations and protests in the state, is now saying the elephant is the challenge. Delhi is getting ready for a show of force. Chandrababu is preparing to go to the country’s capital as soon as the initiation is over. Home Minister Amit Shah is expected to explain the situation in the state together. YCP leaders are also saying yes to the elephant march. They are planning to meet the Central Election Commission along with Amit Shah. TDP will seek to revoke the recognition.

Complaint of TDP leaders to the Governor

The TDP leaders then brought the attack on the TDP offices to the attention of the governor. With the imposition of the Presidential rule .. the CBI was asked to hold an inquiry.

YCP Statewide Population Initiations

YCP leaders across the state conducted population initiations. Protesting against the obscene comments made by TDP leaders on CM Jagan. Minister Avanti Srinivas was initiated in his own constituency Bhimili. Swearing and provoking whores… Is this your 40 years of industry experience?

Nagari MLA Roja staged a protest in Puttur. Chandrababu was incensed that he was doing nefarious politics. Demanded an apology for making indecent remarks on CM Jagan.

Strange scenes were also seen at the YCP Janagraha initiations. What do anyone do in protest… rally chant slogans. Maha, however, burns the effigy, but YCP activists seem to go beyond that. MP Bharat held a population rally in Rajahmundry. They protested against the obscene comments made by TDP leaders on Chief Minister Jagan. So far so good. But, the real scene started right here. Variety showed their anger against Chandrababu.

YCP leaders also conducted population initiations in CM Jagan’s own constituency Pulivendula. Sitting at the inauguration near the BSNL office. They are protesting against the obscene comments made by TDP leaders against Chief Minister Jaganmohan Reddy.

14 days remand for Pattabhi ..

TDP leader Pattabhi was remanded for 14 days. The court remanded him till November 2. Pattabhi arrested for making indecent comments on CM Jagan Police, on the other hand, have filed a petition to give him custody. Police brought to Vijayawada from Thotlavallur PS‌ appeared in court. Pattabhi’s lawyer asked the station to grant bail. However, the government lawyer pointed out that there were several cases against him in the past. After hearing arguments from both sides, the judge remanded Pattabhi for 14 days. He was later shifted to Machilipatnam Sub Jail. Earlier, medical examinations were conducted at the Government Hospital.

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