TDP vs YCP: Pattabhi is responsible for anything .. Lokesh is angry with the police .. | TDP Leader Nara Lokesh Serious on AP Police About Pattabhi Ram Arrest Issue

TDP vs YCP: Pattabhi is responsible for anything .. Lokesh is angry with the police ..


TDP vs YCP: TDP national general secretary Nara Lokesh has strongly reacted to the arrest of TDP leader Pattabhi Ram. The people who attacked the people were arrested, but they questioned what was arrested to attack. Noting the arrest, he said it was clear that they were not policemen working for the people. It is learned that TDP leader Pattabhi was arrested by the police on Wednesday. Responding to this, he said that the people and opposition leaders in Andhra Pradesh are going without protection. It is alleged that the police are looking to harm Pattabhi. The DGP made it clear that the Chief Minister was responsible if anything happened to Pattabhi. Nara Lokesh demanded that Pattabhi be produced before the court immediately. If ‘Bosidke’ is treason .. Lokesh demanded that the DGP should answer what betrayal the vulgar language of the YCP leaders falls under. Lokesh said that Pattabhi Ram was arrested with the intention of conspiring to smuggle drugs and the matter was also brought to the notice of the people. No matter how many attacks .. no matter how many people are arrested .. TDP has made it clear that the fight will not stop until the VCP drugs mafia game, which has become a threat to the country, is over.

Graduation for Thotlavallur PS ..
If so .. Police have shifted TDP leader Pattabhi Ram to Thotlavallur. Thotlavallur was shifted to PS amid heavy security. Meanwhile, YCP leaders are demanding strict action against Pattabhi for insulting the Chief Minister with harsh remarks.

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