TDP: Shock to Congress party in AP .. Jeevi Reddy who suddenly joined TDP .. | Ap Congress Leader Gv Reddy Joins In Telugu Desam Party

TDP: Shock to Congress party in AP .. Jeevi Reddy who suddenly joined TDP ..

Gv Reddy Joins Tdp

AP Congress leader Jeevi Reddy joined the party in the presence of Telugu Desam leader Chandrababu. Jivireddy said he joined the TDP with the decision to join an active party. Chandrababu Sadar invited him to the party wearing a yellow scarf at a function held at his residence. Jeevi Reddy thanked Chandrababu for including him. Jeevi Reddy said that Chandrababu needs to be strengthened so as not to cause further damage to the state. He said that the future would be bleak if the funds were distributed without vision. If Chandrababu is a person who wants development .. Jagan is criticized as a person who wants destruction. Some factions are of the opinion that the state has been ruined by instinctively inciting hatred against Chandrababu.

Initiation Babu Deeksha

Chandrababu’s 36-hour initiation began. In protest against the attacks on TDP offices, Chandrababu initiated Chandrababu from 8 am today to 8 pm on Friday. He is launching a campaign titled ‘Fighting Government Terrorism’. Chandrababu Deeksha was given permission by the police. The letter of permission was sent to the TDP office by the police. Kovid‌ advised to follow the rules.

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