TDP News: TDP leaders’ interrogation on the attack incident .. What is Chandrababu’s next plan? | All eyes on chandrababu naidu’s next move on attacks on tdp offices

TDP News: TDP leaders' interrogation on the attack incident .. What is Chandrababu's next plan?

Ysrcp Vs Tdp

What is the Telugu Desam Party going to do in the wake of the attack on the party office? Ready to respond positively to the ruling party? Does it follow the weight and sea formula? The majority of party leaders are expected to come down. But what is on the mind of Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu is of interest in the political circles.

The TDP was rocked by Tuesday’s attack on the party office. The TDP staged a statewide bandh on Wednesday in protest. The next day (Thursday) morning, TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu went for a 36-hour inauguration. Chandrababu’s initiation will end today (Friday) at 8 pm. TDP leaders then lashed out at the ruling party. However, democracy is declining. Now the infighting in the party has begun. Retaliate for the attack? The party leaders are divided over whether to wait until he comes to power. The situation went so far that if Chandrababu closed his eyes for an hour, he would show the dots to the YCP leaders. Former ministers Paritala Sunita and Bonda Uma made harsh remarks from Chandrababu’s initiation camp.

An entire group is swayed by the attack on the party office. Is being held to account for instead. Another batch of Chandrababu is still about to change. It seems that the time has come for the years to be patient enough, to leave patience and struggle. It is being held that there is no longer a reaction to action.

In fact the attack on a party office was Never Before Chapter‌. Damn .. Reversal Effects‌ are still running from YCP-TDP. TDP, on the other hand, hopes to bring the attack episode to the center. After the initiation which will end soon, Chandrababu’s next developments, what is the action plan, is interesting.

It seems that some TDP leaders are planning to fight the YCP government in Delhi. With this, the whole scene will shift to Delhi from tomorrow.

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