TDP News: Formerly held key positions .. Now those senior leaders who do not have an address if the party is in trouble | These senior leaders are missing when TDP facing tough time

TDP News: Formerly held key positions .. Now those senior leaders who do not have an address if the party is in trouble


Telugu Desam Party: He enjoyed key positions when the Telugu Desam Party was in power. Chandrababu revolved around and exercised power. Now the party is slapping face if in trouble. Who are they yet? Read this story to know.

The TDP headquarters was attacked on Tuesday. There was a terrible atmosphere in the office. The house of spokesperson Pattabhi was vandalized. The next day (Wednesday) the TDP staged a state bandh. As a continuation of this, Chandrababu went for 36 hours initiation from Thursday morning. YCP on the other hand is carrying out counter-protests. Dialogue war is going on to imagine a war between the leaders of the two parties. In a word, Andhra Pradesh is in total turmoil in politics. What do you think? What happened?

The opposition TDP has just got hype in this range since the YCP came to power. The whole state is going uphill after the attack issue on Telugudesam head office. Chandrababu went for 36 hours of initiation without even counting his age. While this is happening, many TDP leaders remain as if nothing has happened to them. This, in turn, has now become a hot topic in Telugu Desh as well as state political circles.

Positions enjoyed when the party was in power. What happened when the party was in trouble? This is the question the average TDP activist is asking. Jesse Divakarreddy, Chand Basha and Deepak Reddy all enjoyed positions when the party was in power. And, where are we now? TDP ordinary activists are also questioning that.

Also Ashok Gajapathiraju, Kishore Chandradev, Sujay Krishna Rangarao and Ganta Srinivasa Rao served as Union Ministers and Ministers of State. Ashok Gajapathiraja is a member of the TDP politburo. But none of them appeared in the TDP protests. They remained silent at home without even giving at least one statement.

The situation is similar in key Krishna districts. Vijayawada MP Keshineni… Former Deputy Speaker, Avanigadda TDP in-charge Mandali Buddha Prasad… Former MLAs Uppuleti Kalpana, Swamidasu ఉండి stayed away from party activities.

The situation is similar in Chandrababu’s own district. Former TDP politburo members Galla Arunakumari, former minister Bojjala Gopalakrishnareddy, Thambalpally TDP in-charge Shankar, former MLC Gaili Saraswatamma, Nagari TDP in-charge Gaili Bhanuprakash, Pothalpattu TDP in-charge Lalithakumari and former MLA CK Babu are seen as party leaders away from such party programs.

Prakasam Zillakoche Kandukuru TDP in-charge Potula Rama Rao, former MLA Divi Sivaram and others are non-active.

Tired of partying? Leaving the party? Or are we just sitting around comfortably at home wearing BP tablets because of this headache? They are the ones who have to answer these questions.

These are the leaders who faced the party at a crucial time district-wise.

Where are you (Anantapur District)

Jesse Divakarreddy, former MP
Chand Basha, former MLA
Deepak Reddy, former MLC

Where are you (Visakhapatnam District)

Ganta Srinivasa Rao, MLA, former minister

Where are you (Krishna District)

Keshineni Nani, Vijayawada MP
Saltwater fiction, former MLA (Palmer)
Mandali Buddhaprasad, Former Deputy Speaker, (Avanigadda TDP in-charge)
Swamidasu, Former MLA (Thiruvooru)

Where are you (Vijayanagar)

Ashok Gajapathiraju, (TDP Politburo Member), (Former Union Minister)
Sujaykrishna Rangarao, former minister
Kishore Chandradev, former Union Minister

Where are you (Chittoor)

Galla Arunakumari, former minister
Former member of the TDP politburo
Bojjala Gopalakrishnareddy, former minister
Shankar, former MLA, Thambalpally TDP in-charge
Gaili Saraswatamma, former MLC
Gaili Bhanuprakash, Nagari TDP in-charge
Lalithakumari, former MLA, is in-charge of Pothalpattu TDP
CK Babu, former MLA

Where are you (Brightness)

Potula Rama Rao, Kandukur TDP in charge
Divi Sivaram, former MLA

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