Strange Radio Waves: A key evolution in astronomical research .. Recognition of key signals .. What about aliens? .. | Strange radio signals from deep in the Milky Way are tantalizing scientists

Strange Radio Waves: A key evolution in astronomical research .. Recognition of key signals .. What about aliens? ..


Strange Radio Waves: Aliens .. Aliens .. Aliens .. This name is a big mystery. I don’t know if there are but .. there is a kind of interest in people all over the world. Are there aliens? If so how? Where are they? How is their survival going? Are there still Earth-like planets in the universe? Are there planets suitable for habitation? Many such questions continue to arise. But there is no clarity so far on any question. But, all the nations of the world are doing extensive research to find these aliens and other Earth-like planets. Various theories have emerged in this order. Are emerging. And some say it’s an alien .. Some say it’s an alien we saw. NASA, on the other hand, says that Ehe Adanta Tooch.

So far no one was able to send in the perfect solution, which is not strange. Receiving new signals from space .. Now of interest. Astronomers were the first to detect radio signals coming from beyond our solar system. With the help of the Dutch ‘Low-Frequency Array’ (Loafer), the world’s most powerful radio antenna, researchers have detected unusual signals coming from distant stars. Researchers hope that this will help identify planets that are not out of the ordinary.

Scientists have recently identified signals from 19 ‘dwarf dwarf stars’. It has been suggested that there may be other planets around these four stars. Aliens may or may not be on them. We actually know that the planets in the solar system emit powerful radio waves, but now the detected waves are very different, the researchers said. He said he had never seen such signals before. However, Aruna explained that dwarf stars have intense magnetic field, resulting in solar flares and radio waves. Currently such waves are detected. Scientists say more in-depth analysis is needed. However, another doubt also arises. Are these signals sent by aliens? Questions also arise as to whether. However, scientists say that all these doubts can be answered by the latest signals received. We will have to wait and see what happens next.

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