Srikanth Reddy: Modi is the person who will know the end .. He is prostrating: Srikanth Reddy | YSRCP MLA Anam And Srikanth reddy Conspiracy to destabilize jagan government comments on Chandrababu

Srikanth Reddy: Modi is a person who knows the end .. He is prostrating: Srikanth Reddy

Srikanth Reddy

Anam Ramnarayana Reddy: MLA Anam Ramanarayana Reddy has said that YS Jaganmohan Reddy is conspiring to destabilize the government without respecting the verdict of the people of Andhra Pradesh. Anam alleged that Chandrababu had deliberately abused CM YS Jagan. Anam demanded that Chandrababu be removed from politics permanently. To this end, the letter collected with the signatures of the people was handed over to the District Collector Chakradhar Babu and asked to be sent to the Governor.

Anam said that the attitude of the members of the society was wrong and he was ashamed to act in a degrading manner for the sake of political survival. He revealed that signatures had been collected for the governor’s letter in protest of the TDP’s stance on the Janagraha initiation. On the other hand, government chief whip Srikanth Reddy fired satires on Chandrababu’s Delhi visit. Modi has been criticized for bowing to a man who seems to know the end. Chandrababu was accused of trying to be in the news somehow.

All in all, AP politics hit Delhi today. Chandrababu, who had complained to the President about the YCP’s attacks on the Telugu Desam Party, appealed to the President’s administration. However, the YCP launched a counter-attack called TDP Hydrama.

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