Space Tour: 90 year old actor as a guest in space .. Blue Origin successfully brought back! | Jeff Bezos Blue Origin completed 5th space tour 90 years old Hollywood actor William Shatner successful Space Journey

Space Tour: 90 year old actor as a guest in space .. Blue Origin successfully brought back!

Space Tour

Space Tour: Jeff Bezos’ company Blue Origin Rocket has successfully completed its fifth spaceflight this year and made history. Canadian actor William Shatner also flew in space as a crew on Wednesday. His age is 90 years. The capsule was launched from a rocket called NS-18. It has a staff of four. In addition to William, Blue Origin Vice President Audrey Powers, Plant Lab co-founder Chris Basuizn and Medidata co-founder Glenn de Vries are also in the spacecraft.

Total 11 minutes ..

Blue Origin has a private facility in West Texas, USA. It has set up its own launch pad here. This is where the rocket takes off. Minutes later, the spacecraft landed. The mission took a total of 11 minutes from start to finish. Of these, 3 minutes are the most exciting minutes. The crew spent about 3 minutes without weight. At this point the person’s weight becomes completely zero.

Interestingly, William Shatner, who played Captain Kirk in the Hollywood superhit series ‘Star Trek’, became part of this mission, which he described as very important and successful in the direction of space tourism. He is 90 years old. He is the oldest person to ever go into space. Earlier, Blue Origin’s first mission was successful in July. Wally Fenk made this space mission on that mission. He is 82 years old.

Three times the speed of sound ..

During the mission the rocket received three times the speed of sound. Another unique thing is that this rocket ran in a completely autonomous mode. There was no pilot in it. On the way back, the crew resorted to parachutes. They landed safely in the Texas desert area. This rocket can be used again in the future. The rocket can also be used on cargo missions.

Blue Origin Jeff Bezos launched his first spaceflight in July this year. In space tourism, he competed with Sir Richard Brenson of the Virgin Atlantic. Richard, Bezos is trying to take space tourism to a new level. Bezos said Blue Origin has sold 100 million tickets so far.

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