Space News: Is that Black Knight Satellite Aliens? .. NASA reveals shocking things! | Space News Is Black Night Satellite Has Related to Aliens

Space News: Is that Black Knight Satellite Aliens? .. NASA reveals shocking things!


Space News: Aliens‌ .. This is a million dollar question. Yes .. Have there been Aliens‌ for a long time ..? Continues to emerge. This question is still unanswered. But the world continues to search for traces of aliens. It is against this background that various theories have emerged. Recently, there is a campaign called Aliens Black Night Satellite. NASA entered into the news blow and gave much clarity. So .. what is that black night satellite? What are those shocking comments made by NASA?

On September 2, a black-shaped object appeared in the sky. Since then, the news that the aliens have been circling the UFO has been going viral on various social media platforms. This scene is being captured on a mobile phone and discussed under many different names. Moreover, it is being promoted under the name ‘Unidentified Mysterious Satellite’. And some netizens are promoting it as Black Knight Satellite.

NASA has recently responded to this news. Asala decided that it was not a satellite. In 1998, as part of the Space Shuttle mission, it was reported to be a wreck. NASA says such fragments will be of no use. Fragments once dropped from rockets are also said to orbit in Earth orbit. NASA has revealed that if UFOs actually come from other planets into Earth orbit, signals will not reach their NASA radars.

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