Space death (Know this): What happens if a man dies in space? What is the clarity given by scientists ..? (Video)

What Happens If A Man Dies In Space Video

All over the world, people are researching space travel. Not only that .. our grandson wants to settle on other planets .. they are also experimenting on resources. But there are situations where we have to think about how to live in space. However, after death on earth, the human body decomposes in stages. But scientists have recently answered the question of what happens if you die in the same space.

A dead man in space .. Even wearing a space suit .. Scientists say the whole body is tightening. Bacteria in the intestines of the person .. said to be eating the dead tissue. These bacteria need oxygen to function. This process slows down if the gas is limited. Soil microbes also help in the process of decomposing the body buried in the ground. There are no such things on other planets. Dry weather on Mars .. causes the soft tissues in the body to dry out. Sediment from the wind can weaken the skeleton in the same way as on Earth. Scientists say that the body does not completely decompose in space. Scientists say that the body undergoes different changes depending on its gravity, weather and temperature.

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