Sonia Gandhi – PK: All leaders need to be updated .. Sonia class for Congress leaders with PK advice .. | Sonia Gandhi gave speech with Prashant Kishore’s advice and suggestions in Congress party meeting

Sonia Gandhi - PK: All leaders need to be updated .. Sonia class for Congress leaders with PK advice ..

Sonia Gandhi And Pk

Has Chief Minister Sonia Gandhi decided to inject new blood into the Congress? Are you taking steps in that direction? Why are leaders taking the class that unity is great strength? Have the hand repairs started? Looking at the situation it looks like yes. Assembly elections will be held in five states next year. In this context, the party leader Sonia Gandhi held a high-level meeting .. Leaders took the class along with signals, instructions, churkala. The propaganda that all this is part of the script of prominent election strategist Prashant Kishore is in full swing.

AICC President Sonia Gandhi has once again made it clear that discipline is very important in the Congress party. Sonia Gandhi reacted strongly to the clash between party leaders. Everyone was warned to be disciplined. He called for efforts to strengthen the party by putting aside personal goals and selfish interests. He said there was a need to intensify the fight on behalf of the victims against the evil actions of the central government. Sonia expressed impatience that there was a lack of cooperation between the leaders of different states and that there was no clarity between them.

He expressed concern that leaders in the fight over major issues at the field level had gone without clarity. Sonia said leaders should not forget that the party will be in a better position only when it is in a better position. In fact the summit was meant for the five state assembly elections.

But Sonia seems to have given signals that the party needs to transfuse youth blood. Only then will the party move forward .. Information that all the leaders have made it clear that they need an update. However, there is a rumor that Prashant Kishore has advice and suggestions behind the purge. In the end, Sonia made it clear to the leaders that nothing is possible without unity.

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