Social Media: New rules for social media .. Companies should be responsible for the amount of content .. Central Government exercises! | Narendra Modi Government bringing in separate law for Social Media new rules 2021 are framing up

Social Media: New rules for social media .. Companies should be responsible for the amount of content .. Central Government exercises!

Social Media

Social Media: The Central Government is planning to bring in a new law for social media companies. By this law, these companies are responsible for all content published on their platform. For the past few months the government has been constantly cracking down on social media. Similarly the government has already implemented the new Cyber ​​Information Technology (IT) rules for social media platforms this year. However, many companies have challenged the new IT regulations in court. Several petitions are pending in various high courts, including the Delhi High Court. The central government has upheld the new IT rules before the Delhi High Court. These rules prevent abuse of press freedom. The government told the court that it would protect citizens from fake news in digital media.

The new law may be based on the European model

An official in the government revealed about the new law. There are many laws governing the way social media works around the world. There is still a lot of uncertainty in the New Testament. It may be a separate law or introduced as an amendment. The government is considering a European model to enact new legislation, including the Digital Services Act, introduced by the European Commission in December 2020. The official told national media that the guidelines were based on the Personal Data Protection Bill.

Social media platforms are warnings for new IT regulations

The new rules, which went into effect in the country in February, called for social media platforms to appoint new grievance redressal officers with guidelines and issue actionable reports each month. New IT rules protect social media companies from users posting false posts. The Digital Services Act (DSA) defines additional rights for social media users. They are allowed to report illegal content.

Strict laws regarding social media in America apply the same rules that apply to companies like Facebook in the United States as to other companies. However, the rules of the Federal Communications Commission regarding communication apply to all media. In addition, there are state laws such as the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). These collect user data and control usage. Although social media still operates on a broad scale based on self-regulation in the US, the accountability of these companies during complaints in the courts remains constant. Therefore, the rules of self-regulation are also strictly enforced there.

The Government of India has been working on the rules since 2019.

The Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) is looking into the draft from 2019. The JPC report proposes to treat social media platforms as publishers and to re-add a fair proportion of the proposed amendments to Section 35 of the Personal Data Protection Bill. The proposed changes will be placed for public comment. They are then brought into law.

Supreme Court lawyer NS The New Testament idea is not a bad one. We can’t club different types of intermediaries in a social media box. He noted that all issues on this platform require customer satisfaction.

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