Social Media: Do you mostly circle social media? seem to be in big danger! | Social Media addiction will lead to 46 dangerous effects including physical damage and financial risks

Social Media: Do you mostly circle social media? seem to be in big danger!

Social Media Effect

Social Media: It would be completely wrong if you think that social media only harms mentally. Its physical side effects are equally horrific as psychological effects. Sydney University of Technology has found 46 harmful effects of using social media platforms. Becoming addicted to social media can also have a negative impact on employment and academic performance. This will encourage you to take more financial risk. These side effects include anxiety, depression, harassment, incitement to suicide, cyberstalking, crime, malice, high level of information and lack of online security.

Social media issues now include mental health, employment, academic performance as well as security and privacy, according to a university research paper. According to the researchers, the research and study done so far on social networks has focused only on the potential of their benefits. However, the darkness behind them was ignored. Academics are also involved in the latest research that is currently underway.

The researchers reviewed more than 50 studies conducted on social media between 2003-2018. Social media was in its infancy in 2003. One year later, Facebook came into existence. Laila Borun, lead author of the study, said privacy violations, fraud, panic attacks, and conflicts with others were cause for concern.

Looking for ways to deal with them.

In this study, published in the Journal of Global Information Management, experts divided these side effects into six categories. These include privacy concerns, security threats, performance decline, loss of social transactions, disturbing content, and cyber threats. Waste of time, energy and money is associated with losses in social transactions. At the same time, violent, offensive content can emotionally upset a user. Researchers are now looking for ways to deal with these side effects.

The findings of this study confirm that there are more physical problems than the psychological damage caused by social media use. If they do not impose a limit on the use of social media .. it will bring huge losses in the future.

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