Smartphone: Warning to smartphone users ..! These 5 things you definitely need to know .. | Be sure to follow these 5 tips to keep your smartphone from overheating

Smartphone: Warning to smartphone users ..!  These 5 things you definitely need to know ..


Smartphone: In today’s modern world no one can be without a smartphone. One can live without rice but not without a smart phone. We do all the calling, sending mail, internet browsing, digital payments, etc. through our smartphones. This has led to a huge increase in phone usage. That’s why smartphones explode in the heat. In some cases, the phone communication unit and the camera are also damaged. However it is very low compared to the battery. When the phone breaks down, its performance falters. This problem can also be caused by downloading too many applications, games or other software on the phone.

1. Do not fully charge the smartphone
Never charge a smartphone to the fullest. It is better to charge 90 percent or less. Also do not leave the phone battery less than 20 percent. The phone heats up due to charging for a long time as well as the very low power battery affects the health. You can charge your phone 2-3 times a day.

2. Using a phone cover
Mobile covers are also an important reason for smartphone overheating. This is because they do not allow heat to escape from the inside of the phone. The phone cover needs to be removed from time to time. It is a good idea to place the smartphone under the fan if not in use.

3. Unused apps
The phone also overheats due to unused apps on the smartphone. These apps keep running in the background causing the phone to overheat. Select Force Stop on the app icon to close apps you have not used. Try to use them occasionally rather than daily.

4. Change the phone settings
Minimize your screen brightness as much as possible because it will make it harder to see the display. Reducing the light also has no effect on the battery. So that the phone‌ is less hot.

5. Original charger, USB
Some chargers are used after the USB is broken or damaged. This is very wrong. Charging from a duplicate charger or USB will shorten the life of your smartphone. It also heats up tremendously. There is also the risk of a one-time battery damage exploding.

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