Smart Bandage: This smart bandage tells you the condition of injuries in the body from time to time .. How is that .. | Smart Bandage developed by scientists first of its kind in World know about this

Smart Bandage: This smart bandage tells you the condition of injuries in the body from time to time.

Smart Bandage

Smart Bandage: The world’s first smart bandage was designed by scientists. With its help, it is possible to find out what kind of bacteria is in the wound, how much moisture is in it, what is the cause of the inflammation .. what is the body temperature. All this information will reach the Smart Bandage user mobile app in 15 minutes.

Accurate injury information is available on mobile

Scientists at the National University of Singapore, which developed the smart bandage, say that with the help of a built-in sensor, the mobile app can reach the consumer with serious injuries. This allows for quick, accurate information about the injury.

“We are working with Singapore General Hospital on this project,” said Lim Chiwi Tech, a researcher at the National University of Singapore. This smart bandage is called V-Care.

Who can use this smart bandage the most?

Researchers say the population is growing rapidly. Of whom diabetes and leg ulcers make it difficult to heal the wound. In such situations, recovery can be accelerated by focusing closely on the injury.

The bandage sensor indicates how much water and moisture is present in the wound. It says no care is required. The injury report received from the bandage on the mobile app can be sent to the doctor. This will prevent the patient from going to the clinic again and again.

No need to wait days anymore ..

According to a research report published in the journal Advances in Science, this is currently being looked at by treating the injury. There is no test available to test on the spot. A sample is taken from it. The wound is sent to the lab for testing of this sample. Its results take one to two days to arrive. Now with this new smart bandage you don’t have to wait two days. The new flexible sensor bandage detects oxygen and uric acid levels in the wound and also causes inflammation.

This is how the smart bandage ‘Weaker’ is made.

This smart bandage contains a contact layer that is in direct contact with the wound, a moisture-wicking wound fluid collector, a flexible sensor, and an electronic chip. The sensor in the bandage informs the patient’s mobile app of the chip injury condition. The chip in the bandage has a rechargeable battery. It can be charged repeatedly.

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