SingleVoteBJP: ‘One vote’ for BJP candidate in local body elections .. Netizens playing in O Range on Netflix .. | Tamil Nadu BJP Candidate gets just one vote in rural local body polls at Koyambattur

SingleVoteBJP: 'One vote' for BJP candidate in local body elections .. Netizens playing at O ​​Range on Netflix ..


SingleVoteBJP: Voters defame a BJP candidate in Tamil Nadu. Eventually his family members also blew him away. In the recent local body elections in Coimbatore, only one BJP candidate got one vote. It is noteworthy that it was also his. If the candidate has five voters in the house .. only one vote is good. It has now become a hot topic across Tamil Nadu. The whole ‘one vote’ affair is making a fuss on social media. However, BJP candidate Karthik said that his family members could not vote for him as the votes were in the other ward. However .. Political opponents and netizens are not leaving. The hashtag #SingleVoteBJP has been buzzing on other social media platforms, including Twitter.

Author and social activist Meena Kandasamy also commented on the issue of ‘one vote’. “Only one vote was cast for the BJP candidate in the local body elections. However, the other four voters in his house are proud to have decided to vote for others. ” Meanwhile, DMK IT wing state deputy secretary Isai fired satires at another range. “Congratulations on getting one vote,” he said. “The people of Tamil Nadu are very cruel. Don’t cast at least 10 votes! ” Said another Twitter user sarcastically.

By-elections to local bodies were held on October 9 in Coimbatore. Elections were held for 13 posts including District Panchayat Ward Member, Grama Panchayat Ward Member and Village Municipal Chairman. However, Coimbatore district BJP youth wing deputy secretary D. Karthik .. contested in those local body elections. While the counting was conducted on Tuesday .. only one vote was recorded for Karthik. The same thing was officially announced by the Election Commission. Political opponents, however, cash in on this. Eddewa started making ‘one vote’ for the BJP. In fact candidates are not allowed to contest on party symbols in local body elections. But, candidates can only have the support of political parties.

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