SBI: SBI Clients Beware .. Those who did this are now your job .. | State bank of india alert their customers about Phishing Mails in the form of gifts

SBI: Beware of SBI clients.

Sbi Fraud Alert

SBI: Cybercriminals are teasing users with a new trend every day. Governments and police, no matter what they do, choose a new path every day and launch cyber attacks. Users’ data is being stolen by sending fraudulent links to mobile phones. Most of these fake links are in the name of offers especially during the festive season. State Bank of India, a leading public sector bank, has alerted its users in this regard.

Under no circumstances should links to gifts be clicked. Tweeting about this .. ‘Look at the links coming in the name of gifts in your inbox a couple of times clearly. In addition to your personal information, key details can fall into the hands of cybercriminals if clicked in a hurry. Be careful .. Think twice before clicking on the links. ‘

How do these cyber crimes happen ..

* You will get a link before you win the prize. The message says to click on the link to get the gift.
* A website opens as soon as the user clicks on the link.
* You will need to fill out a form to receive the prize on the website. It will ask for your personal details.
* Once login, profile, PIN, etc., all your information goes into the hands of hackers.

How to get out ..

Do not click on any suspicious link if you do not want to be attacked by hackers. Also do not give your personal information in the advertisements coming through the pop up window. Remember that even bank employees do not have the right to ask the customer directly for the password, PIN, and CCV. By following these simple tips, you can avoid becoming a victim of cybercriminals.

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