Sasikala: Shashikala’s emotion at Jayalalithaa’s grave. Sasikala’s passion at Jayalalithaa’s grave and promise on AIADMK development

Sasikala: Shashikala's emotion at Jayalalithaa's grave.


Sasikala: I will come again..I must make an entry..Chinnamma Soon‌ who announced that Chinnamma has arrived as usual. One..not two..a huge rally with thousands of people. Arrived at Jaya Memorial and paid homage at Amma Samadhi. Shashikala, who was emotional for a while, wiped away her tears and offered flowers to Amma. The party claims that the use of AnnaDMK Sasikala is a legal offense. Warns that legal action will be taken against Shashikala.


Shashikala, who was jailed four years ago in a piracy case, went to the Bangalore jail and took an oath at his mother’s grave. Three times he punched Jaya’s grave and went to avenge those who had brought him to this level. After her release from jail, the then Palani government refused to pay tribute to Jayalalithaa at her grave. Now the government has changed. Stalin’s government. In this context, he wrote a letter to the Commissioner of Police asking for his protection and did what he thought was best.

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S..shashikala entry is shaking up Tamil politics. During the AnnadyMK Golden Jubilee, the huge rally is creating a stir. Gubs are sprouting in the hearts of the opponents. With the re-entry of Sasikala, is there a rift in AnnadyMK? Comments are heard.


Chinnamma, who was released after four years in jail, was hospitalized for a week. He was traveling in a car with the AnnadyMK flag on his way out of the hospital after recovering. Again even now he traveled in a car with the AnnadyMK flag to his mother’s grave.

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