Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy: Doing initiation .. talking whores .. Sajjala fire on Chandrababu .. | YSRCP Leader Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy Fires on TDP Chief Chandrababu Naidu

Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy: Deeksha is doing .. whores are talking .. Sajjala fires on Chandrababu ..


Sajjala on TDP Chief Chandrababu Naidu: TDP chief and opposition leader Chandrababu Naidu’s 36 – hour initiation is a farce, said AP government adviser and YCP general secretary Sajjala Ramakrishnareddy. Sajjala Eddewa said that state president Achennai did not know anything about Chandrababu Deeksha. Sajjala criticized the TDP leaders for not knowing why the 36-hour initiation. Sajjala was criticized for playing dramas under the name of Deeksha. With this, Chandrababu was asked what message he had given. They said that they are talking about how they fall in initiation. Initiation is done .. Sajjala Chandrababu is flagged as a whore. Do you justify whores ..? Sajjala asked. Chandrababu allegedly cursed Pattabhi. Sajjala said it was possible to sit for 36 hours with half a liter of water. He questioned whether a person who had not eaten for 72 hours could speak for more than an hour. Chandrababu whores spoke in the name of Gandhianism.

Chandrababu said that he did not know what Pattabhi whores said .. Sajjala said that it was Chandrababu who seemed to have that word with Pattabhi. If so, the situation could get worse. Sajjala was angry with Chandrababu for going to Delhi and saying the same thing. Chandrababu questioned whether he could be greeted with the same word in Delhi. He said that cannabis was smuggled during the reign of Chandrababu. Sajjala said the government would take a firm stand on drugs. SEB was hired to prevent illicit alcohol.

Sajjala said that Chandrababu was inciting violence in the state. Sajjala criticized that it was shameful that injustice was done after doing everything. He said the remarks were made to create hatred in the state. He said that the President wants to rule to come to power soon. He said that all this is a drama.

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