Rugged e Bike: 160 km on a single charge .. Go this bike .. Rugged electric bikes bookings are gone .. | E bike go Rugged electric bike 1 Lakh record bookings releasing on Diwali

Rugged e Bike: 160 km on a single charge .. Go this bike .. Rugged electric bikes bookings are gone ..

Rugged E Bike

Rugged e Bike: E-Bike Go released its Rugged bike two months ago. E-Bike Go claims to have received over one lakh orders for its electric bike. With this, the company has collected over Rs 10 crore so far. The company claims that it will always be one of the strongest electric bikes. The company said it is targeting 50,000 bookings in the coming months. Rugged electric scooter for Diwali is also being launched in four new color options namely Red, Blue, Black and Rugged Special Edition.

The rugged bike has a range of 160 km on a single charge

Rugged is a Made-in-India product. It is powered by a 3kW motor. It can run at a maximum speed of 70 kilometers per hour. The 2 x 2 kWh battery inside the e-bike can be replaced. It can be charged in about 3.5 hours. The company claims that the bike offers a range of 160 km on a single charge.
The e-bike body is made with a steel frame and a cradle frame. While it has 30 liters of storage space, the product gets 12 smart sensors.

Rugged electric bike price

Starting from Rs.85,000 to Rs. 1.05 lakh ex-showroom. These prices are pre-subsidized. Its prices may vary depending on the subsidy from different state governments. It is available in two variants G1 as well as G1 +.

The electric bike climate has already increased in India. Consumers are also slowly moving towards buying an electric bike. Consumers are now also supporting domestic companies. In this context many companies are focusing on releasing electric bikes. Already almost all the big companies have electric scooters and bikes in their catalog. In this context, the popularity of rugby on this bike is remarkable.

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