RGV: Talk to me .. I don’t know the meaning of that word Ram Gopal Varma .. | Ram Gopal Varma comments on ap politics Talk to me while Konda movie shooting in West Godavari

RGV: Talk to me .. I don't know the meaning of that word Ram Gopal Varma ..


Ramgopal Varma: Controversial director-producer Ram Gopal Varma has recently refused to comment on the ‘word’ that has caused a stir in AP politics. Ram Gopal Varma told reporters that he did not know the meaning of the word and did not try to talk himself into it. Verma, who shot the movie Konda in West Godavari district today, commented on this. ‘I do not know the meaning of the word bosadike .. There is not enough time to look up dictionaries. Many have said, ‘Don’t talk to me.’ Verma skipped answering the question of the reporters.

Meanwhile, RGV AP leaders have recently commented that they want to learn boxing and karate soon. It is known that the remarks made by TDP leader Pattabhiram targeting YCP leaders have led to a new rift between the Telugu Desam Party and the YSR Congress parties. In this context, Varma tweeted on social media. Looking at the current developments, Ramu tweeted that soon AP leaders need to learn boxing, karate, cane and other disciplines.

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