Revolt Electric Bike: Start of Revolt Motors electric motorcycle bookings .. Battery can be charged with a normal plug .. | Revolt Electric Bike RV 400 Advance Bookings started the bike battery can charge in home

Revolt Electric Bike: Start of Revolt Motors electric motorcycle bookings .. Battery can be charged with a simple plug ..

Revolt Rv400 E Bike

Revolt Electric Bike: Rising petrol prices are driving people towards alternatives. With this the automobile companies are currently competing to release electric vehicles. Now most of the two wheeler companies have released electric vehicles. More and more companies are preparing to launch electric vehicles. As part of this, the Revolt company announced the bike in the RV series. Bookings have started in the past for this bike which is being made available with good features with stylish look. Now starting bookings again.

What is the price of Revolt RV400?

Advance bookings for the electric motorcycle RV400 from Revolt Motors have once again started in India. After the FAME-II subsidy, the RV400 was priced at Rs 1.07 lakh. (Ex-showroom).

Can be booked from 70 cities.

This time the company has increased bookings in 70 cities across India. This includes metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai. The Revolt RV 400 is now available in new colors in the regular Cosmic Black in Mist Gray and Rebel Red color schemes.

Maximum speed 85 kmph

The company claims that the electric bike can be charged in 5 hours, giving a range of at least 80 km on a single charge. In Echo mode this range is up to 150 km. The maximum speed of the electric bike is 85 km per hour.

Revolt RV400 is equipped with My Revolt app. It allows location tracking, battery status, ride historical data, bike diagnostics as well as revolver switch stations.

Can be charged anywhere

According to the information mentioned on the Revolt website, it has a very unique, easy charging system. It has a charger. It is slightly larger than a laptop charger. This charger can be taken anywhere. Can be connected to any power socket to charge the motorcycle. It can be used anywhere at home or in the office.

The battery provided in the bike is suitable for all environments. It comes under ARAI standard. The company claims that it is waterproof, damage proof as well as shock proof.

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