Pushya Nakshatra: A wonderful day after 677 years .. That day is all gold .. Good luck to you ..! | Guru Pushya Nakshatra: After 677 years, special Mahamuhurta for shopping and investment on October 28, before Diwali

Pushya Nakshatra: A wonderful day after 677 years .. That day is all gold .. Good luck to you ..!

Pushya Nakshatra

Pushya Nakshatra: Most of the people who want to buy anything have a lot of anavaiti Indians who see if that day is a good day or not. And gold jewelry, vehicles, land, house .. Anything to buy like this is usually ten times a day when a good day. Most people believe that buying a good day will make everything better. Pushya Nakshatra is very important for such events. Many people are looking forward to the Pushya star to buy any assets or new vehicles, valuables like gold. Although Pushya Nakshatra comes one day every year, this year it is special. Astrologers explain what that specialty is and what activities can be done on that day.

What is the significance of Pushya Nakshatra?

According to astrology .. It is believed that doing good deeds on any auspicious day, or starting new activities will make everything better. It is strongly believed that the activities performed during the holy time are not subject to any interruptions. Many people are waiting for the Pushya star to come once a year in this order. Because whether you want to start any programs or buy new items, just look forward to that day. However, astrologers explain that the Pushya star, which falls on October 28, before Diwali this year, is in many ways very auspicious. Astrologers say that October 28th is a Thursday, making the day even more auspicious due to the arrival of the star Pushya on the same day. It is said that there will be Pushya Nakshatra day and night on October 28. Guru Pushya Yoga will be formed as that day is Thursday. Not only that .. Amrita Siddhi Yoga formed today means another day in the morning .. It is said that it will continue till 6.30 am on October 29. Astrologers say that the planets that formed 677 years ago in 1344 will also form on October 28 this year.

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