Pre Install Apps: Did you know? Our data is being stolen with pre-installed apps on smartphones! | Pre Install Apps on smart phones can capture user data says experts

Pre Install Apps: Did you know?  Our data is being stolen with pre-installed apps on smartphones!

Smart Phone Pre Install Apps

Pre Install Apps: In this age of internet..smartphones, user data collection .. there are serious fears about its misuse. No matter how careful we are, the chances of our data being stolen in some way seem high. Apps that are usually downloaded on smartphones require a variety of permissions. After that they will be installed on our phone if we give permission. But .. what about the default apps that come with the phone? When we buy a phone, some apps come with it on our phone by default. We use them. However, they do not ask us for any permissions. The reason is that they are already installed. A new report reveals that pre-installed apps, such as Facebook, Google, and Microsoft, which mostly come by default on our phones, secretly store their data without users’ permission.

The research was conducted at Trinity College, Dublin. The data that these apps silently capture from users includes the app screen, web activity, time spent on phone calls, device identifiers as well as hardware serial numbers. University researchers examined data sent to 6 variants of Android operating devices such as Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, Reality Headset, Lineage OS, e / OS.

Including pre-installed apps by Google and Microsoft.

The researchers named the study ‘Android Mobile OS Snooping by Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei and Reality Headset’. Accordingly, when actively handset with minimal configuration, all variants except e / OS allow a sufficient amount of data transfer to third parties. This includes pre-installed apps from Google, Microsoft, and Facebook. It is also not possible to uninstall pre-installed apps.

The company sends details of all the pre-loaded apps that come with the smartphone Xiaom, how each app is being used and how long it is being used. This is similar to cookies that track the movement of people between web pages. Research has shown that this data was sent to Singapore .. outside Europe.

According to research, the Swift keyboard on the Huawei handset specifically sends details of usage of Microsoft apps. Users can type text in the search bar. You can search for contacts.

However, serial numbers and ad identities such as Samsung, Xiaomi, RealMe, and Google hardware device identifiers are stored. This means that the value of the new identifier is automatically associated with the same device even if users reset the ad identity. Researchers also say that cats need to be included in any precautionary measures against the virus. They say more research is needed.

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