Power Crisis: Prime Minister Modi’s review on coal shortage .. No need to worry, Union Minister | PM Narendra Modi review on coal shortage situation amid impending power crisis

Power Crisis: Prime Minister Modi's review on coal shortage .. Union Minister says there is no need to worry

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PM Modi on Power Crisis: The center descended into action on the power crisis. Power Crisis is operating without any real chance. Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday held a review on coal shortage and power issues in the country. On this occasion, the officials gave a power point presentation on the power situation of coal reserves in the country. While officials explained that coal production had increased, Power Minister RK Singh assured that there was no cause for concern.

Officials told Prime Minister Narendra Modi that the shortage of coal was due to heavy rains and rising international coal prices. Authorities said coal production had increased as the rains had receded. Power plants are said to have mismanaged coal reserves. On the other hand, the list of states facing a power crisis is growing. In this context, the Union Ministry of Power wrote a letter to the states as the power crisis deepened. It asked the states to use the unallocated electricity available at the center for the needs of the people. States with surplus power have sought to provide current assistance to other states.

Union Home Minister Amit Shah has already conducted a key review on the power crisis. The issue was discussed with the Union Ministers. A group has been set up with the ministers of coal, power and railways to monitor coal reserves and power supply. Ordered to review for 24 hours on power issue.

There are ten main reasons for the power crisis in the country. Coal shortages, in particular, have been linked to a number of developments. Electricity prices in the open market, on the other hand, are shocking. Until September 15, the unit price was 4 rupees 60 paise. By October 8, it had reached 15 rupees. With this, the states are going into a state where they cannot afford electricity.

If this is the case, then power cuts have started in Andhra Pradesh. The current cuts started the day after the crocodile festival was warned earlier. The district administration has officially announced that power cuts will be imposed on industries in Srikakulam district from today. Srikakulam district power officials said the power supply to the industries would be cut off every day from 6 pm to 10 pm.

However, food-based industries are exempted from power cuts. AP government adviser Sajjala Ramakrishnareddy said people should reduce power consumption from 6 pm to 10 pm. He warned that the situation would worsen in the summer if electricity was not used sparingly. It is recommended to turn off the ACs for at least four hours. Compared to the past, the demand for electricity in AP has increased tremendously. Earlier the demand was 160 million units per day but now it is 195 million units. However, the crisis began with a 45 percent drop in thermal power generation.

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