Power Crisis: Chief Minister Jagan’s review on power situation .. Key directions to officials ..! | Andhrapradesh CM Ys jagan mohan reddy issued key orders to overcome power crisis

Power Crisis: Chief Minister Jagan's review on power situation .. Key directions to officials ..!

Power Crisis: AP Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy on Monday held a review with the authorities on the current situation. Officials briefed the CM on the coal supply and emergency plans. Jagan directed the authorities to ensure that there is no shortage of coal for the thermal plants. Ordered to focus on the power generation project. Ordered to take immediate action for the realization of projects including Sealer.

Increased coal reserves ..

According to the Central Electricity Authority’s coal reserve report four days ago, the Sri Damodaram Sanjeevayya Thermal Power Station in AP has increased to 65,400 metric tonnes. This is enough for up to five days. Dr. Narla Tataravu Thermal Power Station has 20,900 metric tons. It comes in a day. The Rayalaseema Thermal Power Station has 75,700 metric tonnes of coal, which is enough to generate electricity for five days. Also, 21,300 metric tonnes of coal in Simhadri can be used per day. The state’s thermal power plants require 42,000 metric tonnes of coal per day to operate. Last Wednesday, 53,245 metric tonnes of coal was supplied in 14 racks, Energy Department officials said. On the other hand, the government has taken steps to make full use of hydropower. With this, Genco receives 25 million units of electricity per day from hydropower projects, while Srisailam Kudigattu canal receives 15 million units through seven units with a capacity of 770 MW.

It is producing 8 million units from Sealer. Another two million units are being produced from other centers. In all, the state currently has a power demand of 185 million units.

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