Political Story: Antichrist to live in the name of Gandhi! | The politics in the name of Gandhi are common in India

Political Story: Antichrist to live in the name of Gandhi!

Congress Party Gandhis

(Bikram Vohra)

In many countries in world history families have done hereditary politics. But, all of them are end studies. Perons, Marcos, and Bhutto shone a light on politics in their respective countries. Then faded and slipped into darkness. In a way their situation ended up being like being run out in cricket. In America, the Kennedys got into politics like lions. Then they ended their innings tragically. Compared to them, Gandhi / Nehru is still alive in our country. No matter what people think of them. But, they are still shining a light in our politics. None of them have done anything remarkable in the last ten years. All they did was go to troubled areas, where there was no record of work being done for the public except to point out the stoning of government policies in general. But, they are still trying to provoke people like Gandhi / Nehru. In other words .. at least their Congress party is not in a position to stand strong. However, no matter what they do, no matter how small, it gives them highlights. Priyanka Gandhi Grand Stand .. If you want to sweep the room floor it is her story. If Rahul decides to sympathize with the family of the murdered victim, he will get more than a fair share. Varun Gam and his mother Menaka were expelled from the BJP. Their name was not taken into account in any forum or committee. And Sonia Gandhi is an endless story. She makes news with every move. Not just a reference but a title. Express Priyanka’s son Rihan..was warm on his desire to become a photographer, also carried a blurry story.

People blamed the media for giving them this fuel to expand their game. That may be true. But if the end user is not interested, these people will overwhelm them in a fleeting moment if they do not sell the media in some inexplicable way. As a nation, what is our autistic attitude towards Gandhi? Name, its history psychological impact .. We have learned that the label has its roots in our great struggle for freedom. Do we pay gratitude or acceptance for the services rendered by Nehru, Indira and Rajiv? Apologies for the last two violent deaths. Somehow, a little of all of these factors. Add to that the need to have some sort of ‘royalty’ to see, even if it’s irrelevant. But that my-bop effect has become part of our mental .. social DNA. For that reason we also appreciate shabby leaders.

The Washington Post says the country is fascinated by the family and follows Gandhi’s every move. As if they were movie stars. Hereditary politics have deep roots in a society shaped by patronage and family tradition. Nearly one-third of the members of the Lok Sabha, the lower house of parliament, have family ties to politics. In the Hindustan Times, Ramachandra Guha wrote while placing them on chess. Three important people in the Congress party named Gandhi. They all belong to the same nuclear family. One is the mother of the other two. For most or most of their lives they lived under the same roof. They all got into politics because another person in their family took over the reins of power. (The mother joined the Congress as the wife of the last Prime Minister. The children came to the Congress because both their parents served as party president). Professionally, Gandhi, Gandhi, Gandhi are all deserving as well as privileged. They are here because of their surname.

Then we were there. The name Gandhi is a magnet. We are attracted to it. This dynastic order did not exist in any single family in modern India. They have everything except the kitchen sink. Pappu was mocked. Sonia has been charged for her foreign ancestry. Priyanka is embroiled in atrocities committed by her husband. Her grandmother really did not rise to the heights except for a physical comparison that ironically played the hope of coming a second time. For the past several years Varun and Menaka have not even had a talking point. Also, if Varun decides to go to Lucknow today it will be a sell story. Even in 2021, the question remains unanswered. They will continue to bat until the answer is found.

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