Plastic particles: Microplastic cells in the body of cows. | For the first time Micro Plastic Particles are detected in Cows and Pigs it is dangerous if the reach humans

Plastic particles: Microplastic cells in the body of cows.

Micro Plastic Particles In Cows

Plastic particles: Scientists have discovered microplastics in the blood of cows and pigs. Scientists say this is the first case of its kind in the world. Research results suggest that humans need to understand how far microplastic can reach. Researchers warn that microplastics can accumulate in the organs of cows and be transmitted to humans through their milk.

According to the University of Amsterdam Bridge, which conducted the research, they studied 12 cows and 6 pigs on one farm. During the investigation, plastic cells were found in their blood. One has to wonder if this danger could be not only for animals, but also for humans. These fine plastic cells can be passed from one person to another through the food chain. For example, from cow’s milk it is at risk of reaching humans.

Prior to this, plastic cells were found in other animals. However, this is the first time that microplastic has been found in the blood of cows and pigs. Scientists say the plastic in the soil can reach animals. Even the intestines cannot break down these cells, as a result of which they reach the blood. They are very small. They are hard to see with the naked eye.

This is how microplastics are made

Researchers at the Hellenic Center for Marine Research in Greece estimate that 17,600 tons of plastic is removed from the sea each year. Of these, 84 percent are found on plastic beaches and up to 6 percent at sea depth. It needs to be controlled. Similarly microplastic cells are 5 mm or less in size. Microplastic cells are formed when plastic bottles and bags are torn or damaged. It also includes shoe soles while walking and particles released from the car tire while driving. Microplastic particles are everywhere, like water, food, the surface of the earth we touch. Through them they reach the body. Scientists are trying to understand its dangers with the help of their research.

According to research by King’s College London on microplastics, microplastic cells can also reach blood and body parts through respiration through the windpipe. The chemicals in it can make people sick and cause inflammation.

Recent research by Italian scientists has revealed a surprising finding in the umbilical cord. For the first time, scientists have found small plastic particles in a woman’s umbilical cord. These cells can have a detrimental effect on a child’s health and development in the future. Scientists are also working to control it.

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