Pawan Kalyan: Do you mean your fans like you? AP Minister questions Pawan Kalyan | AP minister Balineni Srinivas reddy reacts sharply on pawan kalyan comments over tdp offices attacked issue janasena party ysrcp

Pawan Kalyan: Do you mean your fans like you?  AP Minister questioned Pawan Kalyan

Pawan Kalyan

AP Minister Balineni Srinivasareddy has questioned why TDP leader Pattabhi’s words are being ignored despite rumors that TDP offices have been attacked. Its meaning is not yet known to the public so it is enough but… or commented that more than that has not happened. YCP activists may have been aware of Pattabi’s statement, citing the same as yesterday’s incident. Chandrababu Naidu was accused of making such comments on purpose. Pawan Kalyan also condemned the attack on TDP offices but..why not condemn what he said ..? Asked. Do you mean the same thing to your fans ..? Asked bluntly.

Also, BJP Somu Veerraju and CPI Ramakrishna asked Minister Balineni why he was not condemning Pattabhi’s words. Lokesh says it is time for us to be stoned .. He warned that if you are stoned we will be stoned. Nara Lokesh said it would be better if the men spoke closely. No one wants to be silenced if they speak out. He also asked the people to take note of the words spoken by Pattabhi to CM Jagan.

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