Pattabhi: High tension in AP .. TDP Pattabhi leader Pattabhi arrested .. Police arrested .. | AP Police Arrest Pattabhi Over Remarks On CM YS Jagan

Pattabhi: High tension in AP .. TDP Pattabhi leader Pattabhi arrested .. Police arrested ..


AP Police Arrest Pattabhi: Tensions have been high in the state since Telugu Desam spokesperson Pattabhi made insulting remarks on CM Jagan. YCP activists attacked the TDP office and Pattabhi’s house. Subsequently conditions in the state became volatile. AP police have arrested TDP leader Pattabhi for causing political unrest. Police arrested Pattabhi for making indecent remarks on the CM, as well as causing a commotion. Police entered Pattabhi’s house around 9 pm. The doors were smashed and police arrested Pattabhi. Pattabhi was later shifted to the Governor Peta Police Station from near his home amid heavy security. The Governor registered a case under Section 153A, 505 (2), 505, 120B against Pattabhi at Peta Police Station.

The government is responsible .. Pattabhi’s wife

However, after Pattabhi’s arrest, his wife Chandana spoke to the media. The FIR stated that he was arrested without showing a copy. She said the government was responsible for what happened to him. He did not say where Pattabhi was being taken. He allegedly broke down the door and entered the house. He said he did not trust the police and would go to court over it.

If so .. the sector is ready for Pattabhi’s arrest from the evening. Police were heavily deployed at Pattabhi’s house during the sequence. TDP activists also rushed to Pattabhi’s house on speculation that the police were arresting Pattabhi. Tensions were high in the Pattabhi area.

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