New Car Purchase: Want to buy a new car during the festival? However, learn these five things! | Are you looking for purchase new car know about these 5 things before purchase a car

New Car Purchase: Want to buy a new car during the festival?  However, learn these five things!

New Car Purchase Tips

New Car Purchase: Due to the Kovid-19 epidemic in terms of family safety .. the car has also become a mandatory requirement for the public. In terms of safety, almost everyone wants to travel in their own car. Festive season on the other hand .. Now there are more and more people thinking of buying a car. If you are also thinking of buying a new car, you should not worry about it. Before buying a car, you should keep in mind some questions regarding its cost. Only after you get the right answer do you take steps to buy a car. Here we are explaining 5 such things for you. Plan to buy a new one after examining them. These tips will definitely help you.


Whenever we want to buy a car first .. then the car company choice is the most important. Because after buying a car, the common man cannot easily change it. In such a situation, the choice of car company is very important. The car market includes several car companies including Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai, Tata, Mahindra, Ford, Kia, Volkswagen, Toyota, Honda, Nissan and Renault. Among them, Maruti is the largest car dealer. At the same time, the Hyundai and Tata names are heard in second and third place.

Most customers want to go to the company that sells most of the cars. So choose the company you like. Take the advice of people driving around in cars around you. Also, find out their experience using that car in relation to the car you want to take.

What purpose are we buying the car for?

After choosing a car company, the second most important thing is what is the purpose of buying a car? That is, it is important that you use the car for any purpose. This is important as there are hatchback, sedan, MPV, mid SUV and SUV segment cars in the market. All these cars were made for different purposes.

A hatchback is the right choice for you if you have 5 people in your family. If the members are more than 5, you should go for MPV or 7 seater car. If you live in a city with bad roads, you should head towards the SUV segment. If you have to carry a lot of luggage with you on a regular basis, a sedan will suit you.

Car model .. Budget ..

After deciding what purpose to buy the car, the third working car model, the budget will be selected. For example, if you want to get a hatchback, how much money do you have to spend. Suppose you buy a Maruti hatchback, then you have many options like Alto, S-Presso, Celerio, WagonR, Swift, Ignis, Baleno, S-Cross. All cars have 5 seats, but there is a huge difference in price. If your budget is close to 5 lakhs, you can opt for Alto, S-Pressoledacelerio.

If you are looking for a hatchback that is higher than your budget, you can increase the loan amount. But for this, check the interest rate on the loan, loan processing fee, hidden charges, loan closing charges. Also, compare debt.

Car mileage ..

The most important thing to consider when buying a car is its mileage. Diesel and CNG have more mileage than a petrol car. However, now petrol and diesel prices have become almost the same. Buying a diesel car is not considered wise. This is because the maintenance cost of a diesel car is higher than that of petrol. At the same time, if you go towards a CNG car, its mileage will increase. However the boot space is lost due to the CNG kit.

Similarly, one should also be aware of the annual maintenance cost of the car. No need to spend a lot of money on car maintenance these days. At the same time, companies issue a car maintenance cost list for 5 to 10 years.

Car insurance.. warranty!

Insurance is very important when buying a car. Almost all companies offer car insurance from their dealer. So if you are getting low cost insurance from outside, you should take insurance from outside. Also, be sure to take other car accessories, parts warranty or warranty papers. For example, different warranties are available on tires, stereo, battery, etc.

Buying a car is not something that happens again and again. Once you have bought a car it is not possible to change it immediately. With this in mind all the factors should be considered before buying a car. Also, one should try to know all the things about the car. Only then should you move on to buying a car.

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