NASA: There were lakes and oceans on Mars .. and did man live there .. | Did Mars ever look like Earth? Here’s what top NASA scientist has to say

NASA: There were lakes and oceans on Mars .. and did humans live there ..


Mars, also known as the ‘Aruna Planet’, has always attracted space enthusiasts. Many eminent astronomers, including Aruna, are said to have very close resemblances to Earth. Here it is believed that man is fit to live. NASA top scientist Dr. Becky McCauley has revealed that Mars once looked like Earth. NASA did an interview with Dr. Wrench on October 14th. Posted this interview on his Instagram handle.

Ever wondered if Mars is like Earth?

“Yes, we think so. Ancient Mars may be as wet and warm as our planet, ”Wrench replied. Dr. Wrench says that Mars will never be as dry as we see it today. The planet also has seasons, polar ice caps, valleys, and climate. It is said that there were volcanoes and floods on Mars. When the solar system formed four billion years ago, Mars and Earth were “made of the same materials. These look very similar. ” Since the two planets are terrestrial, they have a central core, a rock mantle, and a solid crust. Aruna said that the planet once had lakes, streams, and the Northern Ocean. Although Mars was once warm and humid, the Red Planet is now said to be a cold, dry place.

“As the Earth progressed with the evolution of life, geological activity on Mars decreased. It lost that water. Became a very dry place. That is why studying Mars is so fascinating. It also helps us to understand more about its past and future. In our solar system, we need to understand the evolution of the Earth and the planets outside. ” “Has Mars ever looked like Earth? When Dr. Wrench asked, “Yes, it was a long time ago.”

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