NASA: Have you seen the star formation ..? NASA shares eye-popping space scene .. | NASA’s Hubble Telescope Captures Stunning Image of ‘Colorful Star Forming Region’

NASA: Have you seen the star formation ..?  NASA shares eye-popping space scene


NASA’s Hubble Telescope Captures: Astronomers monitor every small event that takes place in space. Every event that takes place in space looks amazing. Even two eyes are not enough to see them. Because .. In the research of astronomers, many discoveries and miraculous events have already come to light. Scientists from the American Space Research Organization (NASA) recently shared such photos. Many people say that if you look at this photo, your eyes will be distracted. NASA scientists recently shared on Instagram scenes of new stars forming in space. Astronomers have discovered that a star is moving outside the Milky Way galaxy. Scientists have also identified a planet in it. NASA says this unique discovery was brought to light by the NASA Moon X-Ray Observatory. It has been revealed that the Spiral Galaxy, also known as the Whirlpool Galaxy, is approaching Messier 51 (M51).

In these photos, the Hubble Space Telescope captures the area where stars are born in space. In this region of star formation, stars in red and yellow are seen shining like diamonds. NASA says these were captured on a Hubble Telescope camera. NASA said this extraordinary event occurred during the course of the study. Astronomers have discovered more than 4,000 such exoplanets over the years. Explained about exoplanets outside the solar system.

Launched in 1990, the telescope has provided us with over 13 million space wonders in 20 years. NASA also recently shared a moving photo of two galaxies shaking under the attraction of one. Now shared a photo of the newly born stars forming at the Milky Way.

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