Nara Lokesh: AP as a carafe address for drugs .. Tell time, place we will come .. Nara Lokesh fire on CM Jagan | Nara Lokesh comments on ys jagan and ap dgp over attacks on tdp leader pattabhi house and office

Nara Lokesh: AP as a carafe address to drugs .. Tell time, place we will come .. Nara Lokesh fires on CM Jagan

Nara Lokesh

Nara Lokesh Comments: TDP general secretary Nara Lokesh has said that cannabis has increased in the state due to the incompetence of the AP police. He was speaking at the TDP headquarters on Wednesday evening after the developments in the state. Nara Lokesh stated that the carafe has become an address for AP drugs. Jagan alleged that the drugs became legal after the government came to power. He was outraged that all this would send them into attacks for being demoralized. If you have the courage to come straight .. Lokesh said that they will send pet dogs. Lokesh challenged CM Jagan to come forward with the courage to say time and place if necessary. Fear if attacked .. Lokesh said. The vehicles came from the DGP’s office, Lokesh said.

On the one hand there are attackers .. on the other hand the police claim to be in the mufti. Lokesh was angry with the DGP, saying that attacks were going to take place. In the past, Jagan had cursed Chandrababu as he liked .. He asked if he remembered all this. He said no action would be taken against the YCP leaders who spoke out. Lokesh said that wherever drugs are found in the country, they are linked to the AP. Lokesh opined that the conduct of the police in the state was worse.

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