Motkupalli: The best Chief Minister in this country KCR: Motkupalli | Motkupalli Narasimhulu says Telangana CM KCR is the one and only chief minister in India

Motkupalli: The best Chief Minister in this country KCR: Motkupalli


Motkupalli on CM KCR: The people of Telangana need a good leader .. a leader who supports the poor people. Chief Minister KCR is such a leader, said Motkupalli Narsimhulu, a former minister of Andhra Pradesh. While joining the TRS party today, Motkupalli paid homage to the Ambedkar statue in Tank Bund, Babu Jagjivan Rao in Bashir Bagh and later to the Martyrs’ Pillar in Gun Park. He then left for Telangana Bhavan. Motkupalli was accompanied by SC, former chairman of ST Corporation Pidamarthi Ravi and other activists.

On this occasion, Motkupalli Narsimha praised CM KCR. “Especially today is a happy day. KCR is turning Telangana, which was brought by sacrificing lives, into golden Telangana. I have seen many chief ministers in the state but I have not seen a chief minister like KCR. Chief Minister KCR, who has created a Dalit bond to eradicate poverty in the state. KCR is the only Chief Minister who gives the farmer bond to make the farmer king without the clutches of the farmers. ” Said Motkupalli.

“Chief Minister KCR is giving good water not only to the farmers but to every household. Chief Minister KCR is a person who supports the poor. CM KCR K is credited with putting on great programs like Kalyana Lakshmi and Shadi Mubarak. I am joining the TRS party today in the presence of Chief Minister Gary who is doing good for the poor. ” Motkupalli said.

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